The school

The International School of Theatre and Mime is open to all people from 18 years and upwards. We offer a one year (Pro 1) or two year (Pro 1 & Pro 2) course in Professional Theatre & Mime training, which allows the student to find his/ her own artistic strengths.The fixed modules we offer here at the school are: Mime, Theatre, Classical dance and Fencing. To these fixed modules are added temporary modules such as: clowning, acrobatics, sewing, make-up and training in show management (sound, lighting, technical sheets). The school offers high quality courses given by experienced professionals:

– Franck Bernard, Mime teacher, Marceau technique
– Ivan Bacciocchi, Corporeal Mime teacher, Etienne Decroux
– Georges Roiron, Theatre and Drama teacher
– Laurence Dagnicourt, Theatre teacher
– Franck Bernard, Classical dance teacher
– Fabien Bouvier, Fencing teacher