Presentation of L’Entracte which hosts the school

The school takes place within L’Entracte, a theatre 13 metre wide x 6 metre deep, equipped with sound and lighting.
A relaxation and care area is at your disposal, with a physiotherapist.






An outdoor stage allows outdoor plays during the Summer months. The theatre has an alcohol free bar with lounge and free wifi. A terrace of 120 square meters is at the students’ disposal if they want to study in the sun or simply relax (wifi too)

The school also allows students to work and rehearse in front of the public outside of school time, so it encourages interaction between the pupil and the public.

L’Entracte produces performances by various artists, so students will be invited to perform from time to time.
Outside school time, students have access to the various local activities of L’Entracte (see facebook L’Entracte Jura)